The vineyards are located near the village of Orschwiller in central Alsace which is famously known for the medieval castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg.

Over 60% are old vines of more than 25 years. Rains which come mostly from the west are divided by the hills and therefore give a drier and hotter climate.

That phenomenon associated with east or south-east exposure permits earlier grape maturation.

On the hills, soils are composed of mineral and crystal rich light sands and in the plains of clay and silt. Some plots can also combine those two characteristics in variable proportions.

Nature gives us a certain geology and weather but we’re using our know-how in order to obtain grapes at the ripest point possible.

That’s why we’re trying to improve the soil’s life by ploughings or natural grass for example.

Our wine estate practises a very reasonable managed viticulture with no chemical fertilizers and very few weedkillers.



Wine-making is not only an exciting step: it is our “raison d’être”. Transforming grapes into wine could be very easy, but keeping and enhancing the flavors of the fruit needs rigor, precision and know-how.

It’s better to have a pragmatic approach than to follow a recipe.

That’s why we use techniques like grape sorting, pneumatic pressing, fermentation temperature control, and aging the wines in oak casks.

Each step is carefully finished in order to avoid aromatic loss, and is controlled with analyses and, of course, regular wine tastings.

After being bottled, the wines stay in our cellars for a while before being released on the market.



We’ve been growing vine a long time ago.

Our family wine estate consist now of 6,5 hectares ( about 14 acres ) vineyards which are recently managed by Jean-Yves Fahrer.

In 1938, Marcel Fahrer has developed the farm in Orschwiller ( Alsace, France ) and has launched estate bottling in 1950.

Twenty years later, Paul Fahrer, his son, has joined in the estate where focused exclusively on vine growing and wine-making.

Then, in 1980, first sparkling wine was released.